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Why Elite?

Elite Commercial Cleaning, LLC has been offering janitorial cleaning services in the Gallatin Valley for over seven years. We strive to deliver the absolute best service while offering competitive pricing. It’s our mission to provide our clients with quality products along with the most innovative cleaning techniques and technology.
A local, family-owned and operated company.

Hands On

Our entire staff at Elite works hard to ensure you’re satisfied. Our management is hands on in our training and quality control with our staff, and we are hands on with our clients. We have regularly scheduled inspections, and often upper management stops in to say hi!


Our products are hospital grade disinfectants. And with microfiber technology, we are able to use specific cleaning towels and microfiber mops to ensure proper sanitation of your facility. We have also had an incidence rate of zero since 2016.

Our Team

Our superior service is built on hiring more than just a workforce. Our clients are serviced by highly trained, healthy employees who love their job. We keep our employees happy by providing accommodating schedules to fit their needs. Our staff is cross trained in all areas of the company to provide any type of service to any client. Our employees are trained to notice maintenance issues or when supplies are running low and report directly to the client and/or management for a quick response.

Quality Control

We provide a clean and healthy work environment by addressing all of your building's needs, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our number one priority is security. We run in-depth background screening on all employees. We also have all of our timekeeping digitally recorded and GPS synced. We use hospital grade disinfectants on not just your bathrooms, but on all your surfaces to protect the health of your employees and customers. We conduct all our inspections on the CleanTelligent platform which automatically sends a copy of each inspection to both our employee(s) and our management team. Regular performance inspections and constant supervision and retraining allow us to provide the most consistent service in the valley.

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